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Jan 23, 2018

Renault India has voluntarily recalled its best-selling Kwid in India reportedly to fix the steering rack of the hatchback. The company is yet to issue an official statement as to how many vehicles have been affected; however, a post on Team-BHP confirms the recall of the 800cc variant of the Kwid.

The French carmaker has sent letters to affected cars' owners informing them to get their cars inspected at their nearest Renault service centre. The notification also mentions that the service centre will check the steering system for overall functionality and safety.The affected Kwids will be rectified at no extra cost to the customers by the Renault dealer. Renault Kwid is the best-selling vehicle for the company in its India product lineup, and the Kwid was initially launched with an 800cc engine, and then it was later offered in the 1000cc engine option as well..

Usually, carmakers issue a voluntary recall to fix or rectify an issue of the affected vehicle. The voluntary recall help customers avoid any unavoidable instances of accident or collision due to the faulty system. Hence, a recall will help the customer to rectify their vehicle and is usually fixed at no extra cost to the customer by the dealer.The entry-level hatchback is one of the most significant segments in India attracting several buyers, and sales reach close to 30,000 a month. Market leaders such as Maruti has been selling the Alto hatchback close to 20,000 units a month reflecting a huge interest by car buyers in India.

With Renault entry this space with the Kwid, it was bound to face stiff competition in the market. However, Renault added several premium features such as touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and most of all; the Kwid was designed to look more like a crossover than a regular entry-level hatchback.Along with the 1000cc and the 800cc, the Renault Kwid is available with Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) gearbox option as well, though the 800cc misses out on the AMT feature. Renault might add the AMT feature to the 800cc variant in the future which could increase the popularity of the Kwid in India.

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